Qlarm Overview

What is Qlarm?

Qlarm is a smart cloud-based platform for secure monitoring and notification. It gives the customer an overall overview of the control systems and IoT devices connected in the cloud. It provides full insight beginning with dashboards and monitoring, followed by analyses, and completed with flexible user interaction. In addition, it keeps the customer up to date with notifications sent by email, SMS, via a phone call, or a push notification for the mobile app.

Qlarm monitoring capabilities can be used with many different implementations: from production processes and progress on plant tests, to grocery chain freezers and refrigerated counters, office climate and server rooms, or even monitoring of the operation of several geographically distributed unmanned facilities. These capabilities extend even further with the implementation of the mobile system that replaces the local operator panels as a superior system that can give a full status and interaction access to your facility from any location that has an internet connection.

Qlarm is a solid platform with good scaling capabilities, with engineers devoted to increasing its security, maintaining stable uptime and continuing its robust development and improvement.

Getting Started