The Notifications page lists all Notifications in the system. They can be filtered by Tag. You can also search for a Notifications created in certain period. Notification relates to Action taken because of a raised Event. Notification represents the process behind the actual SMS, call, push or email. It is a document of the Action in progress or done and it provides details about the current status. You can check if an Action took place, check its state, message content etc.

Fig 1. Notifications

The table lists all of the Notifications sent to the Recipients with their name, type, status, date and Recipient full name. Using the “Notification Type” dropdown list you can filter the Notifications by their type (SMS, Call, Email, Push Notification). The “Time Filter” drop down list lets us filter the table by the time of the Notification. By pressing the last value logo button you can further input detail for the time filter.

Time period filter
Fig 2. Time period filter